UMBUG Virtual Professional Development

UMBUG Virtual Professional Development

Many things have changed since early 2020, but what has not changed is the commitment of our members and business partners to collaboration and knowledge sharing. Watch for virtual events planned in January - September 2023.

Annual UMBUG User's Conference
October 2023
St. Catherine's University


Member accounts

Member accounts

UMBUG works very hard to put into operation member feedback regarding our website. We have focused on access to resources, networking, collaboration and enhanced services. Remember that any staff member from a member institution is eligible to create a personal UMBUG user account and gain access to all of the great resources.

Those resources include:
1. Membership roster – a searchable resource of colleagues
2. Systems Matrix – an updated, searchable inventory of applications and modules of Ellucian and a variety of third party software systems in use at member schools
3. Listservs – members can sign up for various functional and technical mailing lists for networking year round with your colleagues from the comfort of your email inbox
4. Materials - members have access to past conference and shared training materials
Shared Documents Library – folders to leverage the sharing of “tips and tricks” or other resources between members

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It takes a Team!

It takes a Team!

Join an Advisory Team!

Consider providing your feedback and expertise us we create our upcoming virtual events:

Conferences in 2022

January-March 2022, Student/Financial Aid Virtual Conference

April-June 2022, Advancement/Enrollment Management Virtual Conference

June-August 2022, Technical/DBA Virtual Conference

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