Here are commonly asked questions from individual members, Steering Team members, guests from institutions considering membership, and vendors.
These are presented to provide information on UMBUG operations. For further information contact us at

UMBUG training session picture

1. How is UMBUG funded?
Member institutions pay an annual fee that allows all staff at their respective institution access to member resources and attendance at UMBUG events.  This is designed to encourage as many staff as possible at member institutions to attend the annual conference and use UMBUG member resources.  It also helps minimize overhead costs.

2. Can someone participate as a guest?
Staff from prospective member institutions are welcome to attend a single UMBUG conference free of charge to explore the benefits of membership and decide if their institution should join UMBUG.

3. How do UMBUG shared training events work?
The Steering Team selects topics for UMBUG shared training.  Training is typically offered in the Winter or Spring time.  Due to potential weather constraints training is held in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area at one of our member institutions.  Once the Steering Team selects the training topics, the UMBUG Coordinator works with Ellucian partners and UMBUG power users to develop training agendas, determine location and timing, and negotiates a joint contract.  The costs for training are shared equally among participants and billed to the respective institutions by the UMBUG Treasurer.  This process allows training at competitive costs and promotes collaboration.

4. How does a vendor participate at the annual conference?
UMBUG vendor participation policy allows up to three vendors to sponsor the annual conference for a sponsorship fee.  The policy is available on the Member Resources page.  Unlike many Banner Users’ Groups UMBUG does not have a vendor exhibit hall at the annual conference; only vendor sponsors are provided exhibit space and allowed to present at the annual conference.

5. Does UMBUG post jobs?
The Steering Team has decided not to post open jobs.  This is to avoid perceptions of “raiding” staff from other member schools.

6. How are annual conference sites selected?
The Steering Team, in collaboration with the UMBUG Coordinator, selects annual conference sites two years in advance.

7. How do I get access to Member Resources?
Access is available to staff at member institutions by using a member user ID and password. If you have questions contact .

8. How does our institution join UMBUG?
Institutions are first asked to read through the Charter and then contact the UMBUG Coordinator at .  An invoice from the Treasurer will be issued for the annual membership fee and upon payment, the UMBUG Coordinator will ask for a list of those to include on the membership list.

9. How are membership fees applied?
Generally, the fee is applied on an institutional basis.