Annual conference plans adopted November 2017

In response to the challenges of finding meeting times and schools to host; requests for greater lead-time and shorter sessions, and more opportunities to build community among those doing similar jobs using Banner, the Steering Team adopted the following changes on November 10, 2017:

  • Move to one large conference per year in October – the summer conference that has been in June will be dropped; seeing as there are 4 Wisconsin schools and 10 Minnesota schools, there will be 2 conference locations in MN for every 1 in WI
  • Annual conference format – 2 full days; sessions of 50 minutes each; high demand sessions may be repeated; replace the keynote with one large morning session on day one for the global Ellucian topics; stay away from EDUCAUSE to help ensure greater Ellucian participation

Advisory Committee roles

Advisory Committees, of 3 to 5 members each, develop topics and identify speakers as follows:

  • Student (includes student accounts, student, Degree Works) – responsible for 4 sessions
  • Financial Aid – responsible for 4 sessions
  • Enrollment management/admissions – to include Salesforce Users’ Group – responsible for 3 sessions; the emerging Slate users’ group responsible for 1 session; others as applicable
  • Finance – responsible for 2 sessions
  • HR/payroll – responsible for 4 sessions
  • Technical (technical development/integration, analytics/reporting, DBA’s) – responsible for 4 sessions
  • Advancement – responsible for 2 sessions – due to the diversity of Advancement software tools in use, this committee will focus on business process improvements and best practices regardless of software tools.

Vendor Sponsored sessions: The UMBUG Coordinator will continue to work with Ellucian, Strata Information Group, and other vendors on sponsored sessions.

Coordination of Advisory Committees’ work: the UMUBG Coordinator, UMBUG Chair, and UMBUG Vice Chair will participate in and direct the work of the Advisory Committees.