The UMBUG charter is a memorandum of understanding among the UMBUG member institutions that documents the terms and conditions under which we agree to operate in support of our member institutions. UMBUG memberships allow institutions to bring an unlimited number of participants to the quarterly UMBUG conferences, to access on-line member resources and participate in advocacy opportunities with other UMBUG institutions as appropriate to the needs of each member institutions. Membership fees are billed annually for the period July 1 of the current year to June 30 of the subsequent year.

Institutions who are interested in attending an UMBUG conference on a trial basis may send colleagues to attend one conference free of charge prior to joining. Future attendance beyond the trial conference will require that the institution join UMBUG as described in the charter.

Please click on the document below to download the Charter.

UMBUG Charter (PDF; updated January 14, 2020)

If your institution is interested in joining UMBUG please contact us at:

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