Winter Training 2020

UMBUG Winter Training

Our training topic is Banner Course Program of Study with Degree Works or CAPP.  It will be held from Wednesday, February 19, through noon on Friday, Feb. 21, 2020, at the University of St. Thomas – St. Paul campus.  The training will address configuration and functional training relating to the Courses in Program of Study (CPoS) Banner functionality integrated with Degree Works or CAPP. The sessions will include configuration/set up, review of testing strategies and cases for testing, reviewing Banner output, and communication plans. During the discussions, we will identify where changes may be required to Degree Works scribe blocks, Surecode UCX tables, System Settings, and Shep security groups.  Participants are encourage to bring their own laptops with VPN software to access their own instances of Banner and/or DegreeWorks.

As we have done in the past, training will be sold “by seat”.  This will allow a member school, for example, to purchase three seats for training meaning that they could send three people each day for the training, but depending on the agenda topics, those need not be the same three people each day.  Training may not be purchased by the day, however.  Please register once under the primary name for each seat.  The UMBUG Treasurer will invoice member schools for the full cost of the training for each participant registered.  We need a minimum registration of 13 in order to hold the training.

Training cost:  the cost of each training seat is capped at $892 per seat for a class size of 13. We can have up to 20 seats for the class.   If our enrollment exceeds the 13 seats, the cost per seat will be reduced accordingly.   We will have until noon on Feb. 5 to reach our minimum enrollment of 13 seats.

Use the links below to access additional information

Training Agenda

Registration Form

Campus Map and Directions

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