News from the UMBUG Fall Conference – Oct. 22 & 23, 2018

Fall 2018 UMBUG Conference Photo 1

Several innovations, many based on member feedback, were incorporated into the new format of our annual Fall Conference. The Advisory Committees also added several additional improvements. As a result, we expanded the number of sessions from 13 to 33 and went from a day and half to two days. We were also able to cover all the core modules functional areas, some with more of a focus on Banner and some with more of a focus on business process improvements. Additional, as the trend to using more third party software vendors increases, we have begun incorporating more users’ group sessions on these added tools and the impact on our institutions. We have expanded our offerings with the Salesforce Users’ Group, and begun users’ group sessions that incorporate the Slate users as well as starting a DegreeWorks set of round-table sessions. Plans are to continue these and where appropriate add others.

Banner 9 sessions were very popular and well received. Ellucian presented several sessions including several remote sessions which allowed us to expand our reach to members not able to travel. Strata also provided Banner 9 sessions to assist with implementing new functionality.

Fall 2018 UMBUG Conference Photo 2

We also presented several multi-school presentations. These included Banner 9 sessions where two schools presented their implementation approaches: one school for an on premise implementation of Banner 9, and a second school for a cloud implementation of Banner 9. Other multi-school presentations that were popular were on the use of Automic job scheduling tool where three schools each presented unique ways they have used this tool for added productivity improvements at their respective institutions.

More changes are coming. You will start to see changes to the UMBUG web site soon as well. Starting in November, 2018, we will begin the implementation of a new web hosting support set of tools approved by the Steering Team which will include added capabilities for member communication and collaboration.

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